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Touche Amore  Chain Reaction 12.28.2012 [x]

“Princess baby sorry my writingis so messy but my thumb hurts and itwon’t stop bleeding.     I love you so much baby, you reallyare the greatest thing that’s everhappened to me. You really have no ideahow much I love you babe.   I got some blood on this note, I hopeyou don’t mind.    You’re totally my best friend andI’ll always be here for you no matter what.I’ll love you more than anyone else will. You mean the world to me.      I can’t help but smile when   I see you because I feel so lucky tohave somebody like youI’m in so much love with you.I can’t wait to marry you PrincessYou really mean the world to me.I’d do anything for you babeYou’re the most gorgeous person alive it’shard to believe you’re all mine.I’m never going to leave you andI hope you never leave me.I’m in so much love with you.     I love you Princess                       -Anthony”
-Found this in the gutter while I was out one day, and it’s by far the coolest/creepiest/saddest thing I’ve ever found.-
He was born to be a king.

Patrick Simmons, Quillian Tattoo: Allentown PA
Harry Potter!

Reblogging because I don’t live to far from Quillian Tattoo :D


i have to be funny because being hot is not an option